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Then she bends forward until he is able to enter her. Women may crave deep penetration for the emotionally rewarding sensations it gives them - a sense of satisfaction that goes beyond the mere physical. Don't get me wrong, I do like deep penetration but I don't think it's as important as some of you here are saying. This is discussed more below. Enjoy - I know I do! But obviously many of you love it - after all we're not all the same - each couple have their own preferences! If I have to bother about controlling my strokes so as not to go too deep then sex isn't the most fun.

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I sometimes take him - but it hurts a little.

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All I can say is that, for whatever reason, my wife loves me to go as deep as possible. Another good position for deep penetration is shown in the fourth picture, where the woman is on top, lying along her partner's body. She seems to like that a lot. There are a variety of other sex positions which allow the man to penetrate his partner deeply. Though he cannot use his hands or mouth to stimulate her, there are compensating contacts, for in this lovemaking position the clitoris is most often brought into direct touch with the penis and is stimulated by the man's thrusting movements. The higher the bed from the ground, the easier the man can make contact with the woman and the deeper the penetration. She is a small and rather petite girl also so it's easy to change her position.

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