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I was slender and athletic with cut arms and chest. However, the largest hindrance to the progression of our relationship was how others perceived us when we were together. However I am not sure who this hurt more though as it was absolute torture to us both. Often she would direct me as to where she wanted me to aim, other times she would just let me cum anywhere I wanted, but generally it didn't matter where I was aiming as she would usually end up with at least some cum on every part of her body. She removed her hand from her pussy for only a second to let the cum drip directly onto her clit before she frantically started to rub my cum into her pussy. You may also like

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Sometimes we would just stare at each other while edging ourselves, and at other times we would talk while casually masturbating, but we mixed up our routine regularly to keep it interesting and fun.

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Older Neighbor - Part 2 (Bottomless Happy Hour)

It will soon in every office. Shooting at least twelve to fifteen spurts of cum I didn't think it was even possible to produce that much. She loved the feeling of holding a hard cock in her hand when she came, so I would often wait to masturbate until after her first orgasm so she could hold my hard cock with one hand and masturbate with the other. I will go mad. Log in Sign up now. I used to wear very short bathrobes and let it swing open one day when she was making lunch and I was making a coffee.

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